The right guy

My country is a place where you have to know the right guy. There are many examples that come handy to make a statement.

If you plan to go out with your friends and y’all take off for a club, you want to know the cadenero, I mean, everybody knows him or at least they pronounce his name in order to call his attention and improve their shot of getting in.

If you go into a government’s office you will find many unfriendly faces asking for your documents, credentials and else. It will take as much time as you are willing to wait before kicking up a fuss. But, if you are lucky enough to know the right guy, the unfriendly, embittered burocrat will treat you gently and odds are you are getting what you are asking for. And I don’t even mean a backhander, if this is The right guy or your cousin, he’ll order the rank and file with no sweat.

Among certain boundaries it is morally correct to act this way, communities and clusters of selfprotection persisted as a result of shared trust and support. What I question is the wall risen to anyone else, the mistreat given to the average joe, everyday, in everyplace and under any circumstances.



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