Danny Zuko o menos gel y más ambiente.

Are you looking at me? Are you looking to the screen? Well that’s obvious, still, you see me.

Perhaps you are serious, perhaps you are asking, what the heck is wrong with this guy?

I respect your time so please let me ask you for a big favor:

Mess up your hair. Yes -¡ruffle it!. Shake your head from left to right, give yourself time to carefully get your hairstyle out of order.

Ok, you don’t have to do it right now, just try to keep it as messy as you can, cuz most fun and amazing -I’ve personally never liked the word amazing, still- most amazing moments in life tend to wreck your buns and curls. When you undress, when you run in order to aperrate the front seat, when you kiss, when you travel, meeeen when you travel, not only your hair but your clothes and face look like you’ve just fallen out of a rollercoaster. And yes, we like to travel.

Mafalda is wise, we likes Mafalda. And for that she is the one who said it, we must let life mess up with our hair. No comb on the back pocket, no Dany no Grease.

All and all. Loreal and Redken will manage, those little lovely ferocious corporations.


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